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Cancer reconstruction

Cancer surgery creates defects which may be quite debilitating both physically and psychologically. Reconstructive surgery uses a persons own tissue or implants to restore both form and function.

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Trauma reconstruction

It entails using various plastic surgical techniques to replace and restore damaged tissues and leave the person with the least possible functional and aesthetic defects.

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Burn Reconstruction

Some patients may need reconstructive burn surgery after the initial burn wounds have healed. This type of care is usually provided by a plastic surgeon. The goals of reconstructive burn surgery are to improve both the function and the cosmetic appearance of burn scars.

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Surgery for facial paralysis

Facial paralysis is a loss of facial movement because of nerve damage. Your facial muscles may appear to droop or become weak. It can happen on one or both sides of the face.We employ various static and dynamic procedures as well as Micro-vascular reconstruction to improve on the functional and the aesthetic defects.

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Hand surgery

Reconstructive hand surgery is a complex procedure to restore the function and improve appearance of the hand after injury, disease or birth deformities.

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Genital reconstruction

It involves using prostheses or a person's own tissue to reconstruct the deformed genitalia. It also involves surgical procedures for transformation of the gender(Male to Female or vice versa).

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Micro-vascular Surgery

It involves various micro surgical techniques to repair damaged or blocked arteries, veins and nerves either on account of tumour resection or trauma.

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Vaginal rejuvenation

Multiple pregnancies and the normal process of ageing may result in a lax vagina. Various surgical techniques and LASER treatments are available to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues for greater physical and psychological comfort.

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Cleft Surgery

This unfortunate group of children present with deformities of the lip, nose and palate. Various plastic surgical techniques are employed to provide them the best possible functional and aesthetic outcomes.

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