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Types of Defects:

  • Acquired defects
  • Congenital - “Microtia” (Small ear) It is a condition characterized by impaired development of the ear.
    Types of Microtia:
    • Lobule type
    • Concha type
    • Small concha type
    • Anotia

Reconstructive options:

  • Autogenous reconstruction – Using one’s own cartilage
  • Alloplastic options – Using synthetic materials like Medpor
  • Prosthetic options – Bone mounted prosthesis

The current Gold standard for ear reconstruction is Autogenous reconstruction. It involves a highly skilled and technically challenging task of carving out the framework of the ear.

Ear Reconstruction FAQ:

These are the questions that are often asked by patients.

What is the incidence of microtia?

Microtia occurs in about 1 in 7000 to 8000 live births and is more common in males on the right side.

What is the ideal age for microtia reconstruction?

Although literature suggests 8-10 years of age as the ideal age to commence reconstruction, we have noted as well as published the fact that in Indians more stable results are achieved when reconstruction is done at 12 years of age or later.

How many stages would be required for completing the ear reconstruction?

The number of stages would depend on the technique chosen for reconstruction after examining the patient. At AIMS we usually follow a two-stage reconstruction protocol.

Would there be a donor site chest wall deformity?

On account of the unique cartilage harvesting technique, there would be no chest wall deformity.

What would be the total duration of treatment?

The entire reconstructive regime would require about 6 months to conclude

Duration of hospital stay?

First and second stage surgery both require about one week of hospital stay

When could patients resume their normal activities after surgery?

After first stage-Normal activities could be resumed as soon as the chest and ear drains are removed,usually it takes around three days. After the second stage –It takes around a week for the skin graft to settle after the ear framework elevation,there after the patient could resume normal activities.

Could this technique be also used for reconstructing ear loss following trauma or burns?

Yes, this technique of ear reconstruction could be used for reconstructing ears after loss due to any etiology.

Would I be able to get my ears pierced after surgery?

Yes, piercing of the ear is possible after autogenous reconstruction of the ear.